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Welcome to the Protection of Minors Website.  Each year children and youths under of the age of 18 participate in Institute-sponsored programs and events or visit the Caltech campus. Caltech is committed to making its programs and activities safe for minors who participate in them. Guidance is very important for students, faculty, and staff about appropriate ways to interact with minors, and being part of the societal safety net for minors who may show signs of abuse or neglect. The Caltech Minors Policy includes information on reporting child abuse or neglect, and steps the Institute will take to address such matters.  This includes reporting responsibilities of those involved in the campus community who participate in programs and events involving minors. 

Caltech has established a protection of minors personnel memoranda to protect those under 18 years of age who participate in programs and activities associated with the Institute and to provide guidance to Institute students, faculty and staff who are involved with such programs and activities.

Caltech Hotline

Phone: 626-395-8787 OR 888-395-8787

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All Students, Faculty, and Staff. Every member of the Institute community, who knows of, or reasonably suspects, child abuse or neglect has a personal responsibility to report to Caltech Security or JPL Division of Protective Services immediately.

Campus Security 626-395-5000 

Let's say that you will be supervising a program on campus involving minors, what do you need to do? First, all adult participants must read the Standards for Interacting with Minors document which includes information about do's and don'ts for interacting with minors,  information about requirements for reporting suspect abuse or neglect, and signs of child abuse and neglect. 

Second, Institute employees whose duties will bring them into contact with minors on a regular basis, or who supervise someone who will be in contact with minors on a regular basis, must complete mandated reporter training as well as a criminal background check.  Meeting these requirements is important and doesn't take very much time.  Taking these steps will help protect children and other minors as well as members of the Institute community who work with them.