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If the volunteer services being performed require forms to be completed, complete the appropriate forms from the following list and send them to Human Resources at Mail Code 153-84 or



Forms to send to Human Resources (MC 154-84 or

Volunteer Data Sheet --- The data sheet includes required personal information and a section describing the volunteer's proposed activities (which organization, when, what kind of activities, etc). If the volunteer has not been at Caltech before, the information in this form will be used to set up a new Oracle record and a UID will be generated.  If the volunteer has an Oracle record, the information will be used to update the original record.   If no Oracle record is required, maintain the original in the Division/Department.
Volunteer Agreement and Release is signed by the volunteer.  It must have a specific start and end date, no longer than one year, renewable by the volunteer's sponsor.
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for Volunteers should be signed by the volunteer and the volunteer's supervisor or Division Administrator.
Patent Agreement
Minor Volunteer Activity Questionnaire

Background Investigation Disclosure is required in the following situations:

  • Volunteering for one of the athletic facilities
  • Volunteering that requires interactions with Caltech students or minors
Other activity specific forms may be required by the division or department.

Volunteers who require a Caltech ID card and are new or returning to Caltech as a volunteer will need to work with Human Resources to get an ID Card.  Volunteers who have an active ID card because they are already active on campus in another capacity, such as employees or students, will not need to acquire a new ID card.